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How I Found Myself In Engausa Global Tech Hub

In late October or early November 2022, my journey to Engausa Global Tech Hub began with a simple message from a friend on Facebook. This friend, aware of my interest in technology and education, informed me about an incredible opportunity: the Blockchain Scholarship sponsored by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). He emphasized that many youths, especially in the northern region, were not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Excited by the prospect of furthering my education in such a promising field, I decided to apply. However, as I began the application process, a daunting challenge presented itself: I lacked the necessary equipment for the online program. With just ten days until the program’s commencement, I found myself without a laptop or a high-capacity smartphone, essential for participation.

Faced with this obstacle, I turned to my family for advice. My mother, a source of wisdom and support, encouraged me to remain hopeful and trust in divine intervention. With her guidance, I reached out to friends and acquaintances in search of a solution. Despite our efforts, finding a suitable device seemed increasingly unlikely as the days passed.

It wasn’t until my brother made a desperate plea on Arewa Diary Ng, a local Facebook page, that a ray of hope emerged. Through this post, we appealed to the community for assistance, sharing my predicament and the urgency of the situation. Little did we know that this simple act would lead to a life-changing encounter.

Baba Tata, a name I will forever hold in high regard, responded to our plea with unwavering generosity. Without hesitation, he offered to lend me his personal laptop for the duration of the program. Grateful beyond words, I accepted his kind offer, feeling a profound sense of relief and gratitude.

Armed with the necessary equipment, I eagerly embarked on my journey into the world of blockchain technology. However, just as I began to immerse myself in the program, unforeseen challenges arose. Transportation difficulties and other obligations caused me to miss several days of the program, jeopardizing my participation and threatening to derail my dreams.

In my moment of despair, Baba Tata once again emerged as a beacon of hope. Recognizing the importance of the opportunity before me, he intervened on my behalf, connecting me with Engineer Mustapha, a figure whose influence would shape the course of my future.

Engineer Mustapha, upon hearing my story, extended a lifeline in the form of a 100% scholarship to Engausa Global Tech Hub. Overwhelmed by his generosity, I seized the opportunity with renewed determination, eager to make the most of this second chance.

Under the mentorship of AbdulRoqib, a seasoned professional in the field of blogging, I honed my skills and expanded my knowledge, guided by his expertise and encouragement. With each passing day, I grew more confident in my abilities, grateful for the invaluable support of my mentors and the Engausa community.

After completing the program, Engineer Mustapha extended an offer for me to join Engausa as a Hub Assistant, signaling the start of a new chapter in my journey. I felt deeply grateful for the chance to contribute to such a respected institution and approached my duties with enthusiasm and commitment. Intent on reciprocating the kindness and support I had been shown, I now proudly serve as the Head of Department at Engausa Global Tech Hub, overseeing all Digital Literacy initiatives.

✍️ By Musa Adamu Iya

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