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Empowered by Sheikh Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami: My Journey into the Tech World

Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami reposted a post from one of our staff members on his Facebook page. He is proud of what our staff member said about him. Check out what our staff member said: Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami helped him discover himself in the tech world. Engausa Global Tech Hub is really proud of this…


In August 2019, I was working as a cleaner at the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) in Nigeria, which falls under the Federal Ministry of Aviation. The bureau’s role is to investigate civil aircraft accidents and incidents within Nigeria’s airspace. While I was cleaning, I overheard some AIB staff members discussing the appointment of Isa Ali Pantami as the Minister of Communications.
This surprised me because I only knew Pantami as a Islamic religious scholar in Nigeria and his work in Saudi Arabia.
When I returned home, I asked my elder sibling about Pantami’s educational background, and he told me he studied Computer Science. This revelation shocked me because I had disliked Computer Science in secondary school. But my sibling emphasized that Pantami’s dedication to both religion and education was admirable.

From that day on, I became curious about Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science. I realized that if someone like Pantami could excel in the tech field, then I should give it a chance too. I started researching IT and Computer Science diligently.

I began learning basic IT skills and preparing to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I’m grateful for Sheikh Ali Isa Ibrahim Pantami’s influence on my life. His journey inspired me to venture into the tech world. Now, I am proficient in various tech-related areas such as blogging, solving technical problems, and managing social media platforms.
Alhamdulillah, I have found my passion and purpose in the tech world, thanks to Pantami’s motivation and guidance.

Professor Isa Ali Pantami
Engr Mustapha Habu
NITDA Nigeria
Engausa Global Tech Hub
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