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Showcasing Innovation: ENGAUSA HUB’s Technological Marvels

The graduation ceremony at ENGAUSA HUB featured an impressive exhibition of locally made innovative devices produced by the FAB-LAB staff members of the ENGAUSA HUB. This segment of the event highlighted the practical application of the expertise and dedication of the hub’s team, showcasing their ability to create impactful technological solutions.

Among the showcased items were:

1. Smart Home Models
These models demonstrated cutting-edge home automation technologies, featuring systems that manage lighting, security, and energy consumption efficiently. The smart home models illustrated how the staff could apply their knowledge to create modern, efficient, and sustainable living environments.

2. Access Control Systems

These systems showcased innovative security solutions, including biometric and RFID-based access controls. The exhibits emphasized the importance of security in various settings, from residential to commercial, and demonstrated the staff’s proficiency in designing and implementing advanced security measures.

3. Power Banks
The power banks exhibited were not just ordinary devices but innovative energy storage solutions designed to provide reliable backup power. These projects highlighted the staff’s ability to address real-world energy challenges and their potential to contribute to sustainable energy solutions.

4. Rechargeable Lamps
The rechargeable lamps on display were designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions. These projects underscored the importance of sustainable energy and demonstrated how the staff are capable of creating practical and environmentally friendly products.

Overall, the exhibition was a testament to the ingenuity and technical prowess of the ENGAUSA HUB staff members. It provided a platform for them to display their talents and the practical skills they bring to the hub. The innovative devices not only demonstrated their ability to tackle real-world problems but also underscored the hub’s commitment to fostering technological innovation, skills development, and inclusion through mother tongue-based training and mentoring.

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