Introducing Khalifa Aminu: The Brilliant Mind Behind the Blind Eye Sensor Device

What an intelligent and amazing creative! Meet Khalifa Aminu, the inventor of the “Blind Eye Sensor Device.” This revolutionary device helps blind people navigate without the need for a white cane.

Recognizing Khalifa’s remarkable creativity, Engausa Global Tech Hub invited him for an interview to support and guide his innovation. Alhamdulillah, Engr. Mustapha Habu, the Managing Director of Engausa, conducted the interview. He encouraged Khalifa to continue his hard work, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the unique gift Allah has bestowed upon him. Engr. Habu advised Khalifa not to concentrate on earning money right now but to develop his intelligent and creative solutions for the benefit of the community.

During the visit, Engr. Habu introduced Khalifa to the Robotics and AI teams at Engausa. The staff at the Engausa Fabrication Lab suggested an improvement for his device: incorporating a lens assistant that alerts blind users to obstacles.

Following this advice, Engr. Mustapha Habu amazed Khalifa with a 100% scholarship at Engausa in two departments: Digital Literacy Skills and Smartphone Repair Skills. Additionally, he presented Khalifa with a book by our great mentor Professor Isa Ali Pantami titled “Skills Rather Than Just Degrees,” which will help guide him on the right path.

Khalifa developed this project to assist blind people worldwide and wants to raise awareness about his invention. Based in Kano, Nigeria, Khalifa is a young, smart, and intelligent individual who has solved a significant problem.

In our daily lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the multitude of problems we face. We often find ourselves
pointing fingers at our leaders, blaming them for not addressing our needs. However, we must remember that we chose these leaders, believing they could provide solutions. Instead of dwelling on our grievances and documenting our problems, we should focus our efforts on finding solutions.

It’s tempting to spend our time on social media, venting about our issues or seeking entertainment. But imagine if we redirected that energy towards tackling a single problem from the vast array of challenges we encounter. One pressing issue is unemployment and the struggling economy. However, it’s essential to realize that each individual plays a crucial role in the economy. By acquiring new skills and contributing positively, we can collectively improve our situation.

Khalifa Aminu has made significant strides in solving a crucial issue in our country. While many focus solely on politics and blame, Khalifa’s actions serve as a guide and inspiration to our leaders in Northern Nigeria and beyond.

May Allah guide and protect Khalifa Aminu and help him achieve even greater success.

Iya Musa

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