A Heartwarming Visit from the Nigerian Society of Engineers


We were delighted to host a delegation of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (a wing of the Nigerian Society of Engineers) Kano Chapter, at ENGAUSA GLOBAL TECH HUB. Their positive feedback on our bilingual teaching approach in both Hausa and English was greatly appreciated and filled us with pride. They commended our commitment to empowering youth and nurturing their personal growth.


The engineers expressed enthusiasm and optimism, expressing their desire for our innovative teaching methods to be implemented in schools across Nigeria. This further fueled our determination to enhance skill development opportunities for all.


Their visit served as a poignant reminder of the transformative impact skills can have on communities. The endorsement from the Nigerian Society of Engineers serves as a powerful motivation for us to persist in our mission, knowing that our endeavors can catalyze positive change in Nigeria.


Their expressed hope for the integration of our teaching methods into schools nationwide resonates with our vision. We aspire to democratize access to quality education for all.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the society for their visit and unwavering support in our endeavor to make ENGAUSA more accessible and impactful in Nigeria. Together, we eagerly anticipate a future where ENGAUSA offers an even brighter and more enriching experience for all.

Iya Musa

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